Critical Thinking — Lost Art with Today’s Scientists

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Critical Thinking Academy course image.

On one of my blogs in the Plato Coincidence Series, a gentleman from Cornell University left a comment stating that the IGY (1957) showed that there were no sunken islands in the Northeast Atlantic. Amazing.

I had to wonder: What exactly did the IGY find that showed this remarkable fact? How does anyone know what a sunken island looks like? I asked these questions, but the chap never responded. That he made his comment without foundation or clarified reasoning shows that he lacked critical thinking. He jumped to conclusions without truly examining the implications of his own claims. He assumed that the IGY knew what sunken islands look like.

How many islands have ever sunk? If I understand correctly, Atlantis may well have been the only one, if it ever existed. With such a rarity (if indeed Atlantis did exist), they have nothing on which to compare the event, except lots of non-collapsed islands, and lots of ocean floor which had never been an island. If, as the gentleman implied, Atlantis did not exist, then we have no known sunken islands to compare. So, he’s talking from ignorance, IGY intellectual prowess notwithstanding. Oops!

When skeptics of the Atlantis story say that Plato’s island empire never existed because there’s no evidence of a civilization that far back, they are using an argument to ignorance logical fallacy. In other words, they are arguing that something is false because there’s no evidence to support it. Well, that’s very poor critical thinking. Why? All it takes is one piece of newly discovered evidence to blow their entire claim out of the water. Or, it could take very old evidence about which they hadn’t bothered to search.

In the mid-90s, that’s exactly what we got. New evidence at Göbekli Tepe, Turkey—evidence of a civilization 9500 BC. This doesn’t prove Atlantis existed, but it shows how weak have been the arguments against Atlantis.

We need more people with good critical thinking skills. And like any skill or muscle, the more you learn and practice, the stronger the skill becomes.

This is why I created a course on the topic.

The Critical Thinking Academy

This course, the Critical Thinking Academy, is hosted at It’s only $20. If you click on the link, above, you can get a 25% discount, and I get a little more commission. It’s complete, but I’m anxious to add more modules to it. I’d like to add one on the topic of Atlantis, too. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see covered, please let me know.

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